You can actually call a specific spirit through your body to interact with the mortal world.

Prerequisites: [Coatl], 5 HD

Benefit: You can call a specific spirit to emerge from your mouth in place of your phantom body. This is a ritual that takes one minute, at the end of which, the spirit emerges from their mouth. The spirit to be summoned must be present on the spirit world, it cannot have passed Beyond. The Coatl must indicate a specific spirit with HD equal or less than the coatl's, and they must be willing to appear. The spirit then emerges from the coatl's mouth as with the phantom body ability. The spirit can speak normally and perceive things as though they were present. This spirit is not a physical being, merely a visible and audible projection, and cannot interact with physical objects or creatures. The spirit cannot cast spells or use any special abilities while projected like this. The spirit can make any Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma based skill or ability checks as normal (with the exception of Craft, Disguise, Heal, Profession, Survival, or Use Magic Device).

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