Fra'Frances Kerfoot is a Knight of Obedience. Before she became a Knight she was betrothed to [Fra'Antonelo Cassar]. She is currently serving as a bodyguard and special agent to [Fra'Marie Auguste von Thurn und Taxis].

Early Life Edit

Frances Kerfoot was born on [Sanctae Mariae ad Nives] in 1726. Her parents are small plantation owners of English descent. She received a basic education, was thought to read and write and was often taken on hunting trips.

In 1747 her parents arranged for her to be engaged to [Antonelo Cassar], a young bodyguard to the [Grand Master] of the Knights Hospitaller. Cassar seemed pleased that he found such a descent wife to be, but didn't develop feelings for her. Frances on the other hand fell completely in love with her. When Cassar took part in taking down an Inquisition plot and he received the chance at a sudden promotion he immediately took that chance and became a Knight of Justice. He tried to explain to Frances why this was the right thing to do but she flew in a rage kicked him in his privates and stormed off leaving him trying to catch his breath.

Life as a Knight Edit

She spent a few weeks in a terrible mood, snapping at everybody who came near and reacting violently at anything that bothered her. Eventually an agent of [Fra'Marie Auguste von Thurn und Taxis] tracked her down and offered her to become a Knight of Obedience in service of Marie Auguste. She needed some form of leverage against Cassar and having his former fiancé as her bodyguard would be a good start. Frances agreed and was sworn in. She started training and it turned out she was surprisingly competent at fighting and shooting. Soon she started to follow Marie Auguste everywhere she went, and every time she met Cassar he seemed to be very uncomfortable around her. She loves that and uses it to mess with his head every chance she has. But it soon became clear that she was capable of far more than just being a simple bodyguard. Marie Auguste started sending her on several special missions and she did all of them very competently. She is currently serving as bodyguard when she's on Sanctus Crux and as a special agent when the need arises.

Personality Edit

Frances used to be driven by a need to take revenge on Cassar, but as time went by she started to get over that. As she has become a Knight Hospitaller herself she partially understands his reasons for ending the engagement. She still dislikes him though and loves to make him feel uncomfortable. She enjoys being an agent sent on missions for Marie Auguste and loves the political intrigue she is getting introduced to while serving as her bodyguard. She has taken a liking to Marie Auguste and agrees with her on women's rights, they both dislike the fact that men seem to feel they have the right to control women.

Combat Edit


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