Introduction Edit

Water folk are some of the most alien of the little people, born to watery environments. They aren’t as human as many other kinds of little folk, sometimes with strange skin or inhuman features.

Abilities Edit

  • Spell-Like Abilities: Water folk can use the following spell-like abilities at will: Ghost Sound, Touch of the Sea
  • Waterborne: Water folk are creatures of the water. They can breathe water just as easily as air, and have a swim speed of 30 feet. As creatures with a swim speed, they have a +8 racial bonus to swim checks to perform a special action or avoid a hazard and can take 10 on swim checks, even when rushed or threatened.

Examples Edit

Grindylows are the most common european water folk. They are a somewhat dangerous sort, who dwell in swamps, lakes, and ponds, any area of fresh, still water. About 18 inches tall when standing, they have smooth, wet, green or blue skin, like a frog or a salamander, and long, gangly arms with long, webbed fingers. Grindylows are known to grab children from the shores of their waters and pull them in to play with them, using their touch of the sea spell-like ability to let the child swim freely with them. However, the spell can run out suddenly and it doesn’t allow them to breathe the water like the grindylows. Many young grindylows have difficulty understanding the concept of not being able to swim, or not being able to breathe the water, which leads to many tragic accidents and has led to their unpleasant reputation.

Paakniwat are a new world sort of water folk, reptilian humanoids standing a little shy of 16 inches. They have fine scales, like a fish, and webbed feet and hands. They are not pleasant creatures. They live in small villages in lakes and ponds, but their hunters spread out along rivers and streams until they come across suitable prey, which includes humans. When they find some, they use their ghost sound spell-like ability to imitate the sounds of a baby of whatever creature they target in distress, located in some reeds or somewhere similarly shielded from view. Then, when the target investigates, they pounce, attacking with poisoned arrows or a well-placed club. If they win, they’ll float the corpse back toward home, dragging it along from under the surface.

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