Introduction Edit

Warrior folk are another new world sort of little folk. Fierce warriors, they can be dangerous enemies or helpful friends for a tribe to have. Trespassing into their territory can be extremely dangerous, and some types are known to hunt and eat humans.

Abilities Edit

  • Spell-Like Abilities: Warrior folk can use the following spell-like abilities at will: Longshot, Gravity Bow
  • Poison Use: Warrior folk are skilled with poison, and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves when applying it to weapons.
  • Giant-Fighter: Warrior folk gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC against creatures of medium or larger size, as they are trained to fight such foes.

Examples Edit

Awwakkule are the traditional example of the little folk. They are strange creatures, with large bellies and heads, and short but strong limbs, standing about 18 inches tall. They have sharp teeth and are almost entirely carnivorous. They are fearsome warriors, and their lands are distinctly separate from the humans they live near. The two groups maintain a tenuous peace, as long as the humans don’t intrude on their land and offer the appropriate gifts and respect to the little folk. Those who don’t, learn why these truce is so important to the humans.

Nunnehi are a more benevolent kind of warrior folk that dwell beneath the green mountains. They resemble handsome natives only 20 inches tall. They appear more frequently to the humans near their homes, and maintain friendly relations. When called upon, they will even fight beside the humans in times of need, using their surprisingly powerful little bows and even putting poisons to good use. The nunnehi are one of the little folk groups who have come out of the mound more openly, formally allying with their human neighbors and walking freely among them in some villages.

Hecesiiteihii are a cruel sort of little people, known as cannibal dwarves. They are a little less than a foot and a half tall, resembling natives with darker skin tones and sharp teeth. They are a warrior people, believing that the only way for them to reach their good afterlife is to die in combat. They are aggressively territorial and any human who strays too close to their homes is fair game. They use poisoned arrows in hunting and battle, and are known to eat the humans they kill. They are usually spotted when carrying their kills back to their homes to feed those who don’t hunt, their women and children.

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