Introduction Edit

Maker folk are little folk who build, craft, or create things. Some create humble crafts, like shoes or tools, others create masterful magical items, or monuments of amazing beauty and durability. They can oftentimes complete even the largest projects in the span of a single day.

Abilities Edit

  • Spell-Like Abilities: Maker folk can use the following spell-like abilities at will: Mending, Identify
  • Swift Craftsman: Maker folk gain a +2 bonus to all Craft or Profession checks made to create or build something. Once per month, when crafting, enchanting, or building something, the maker folk can attempt to finish it in a single day, by working for 24 hours straight. The maker folk cannot be interrupted or pause in their labors during this time or the attempt is wasted. If the maker folk succeeds on the attempt, the project is finished at the end of the 24 hour period. After such an attempt, the maker folk is exhausted for 24 hours, whether or not they were successful. The maker folk cannot create an object or structure larger than Large size using this ability.

Examples Edit

Yunwi Tsunsdi are little folk who live in small caves in the mound. The resemble handsome natives, only about 20 inches tall, with extremely long hair that almost reaches the ground. They are masterful crafters who create beautiful pottery, stone carvings, and woodworks, and even magical tools and weapons on occasion. Each major creation inspires a celebration among them, and their drums and music can be heard from some distance away, echoing through the mountains. In olden times, they would strike those who came looking for the source of the sound with bewildering magic, but in recent years they have begun to actively trade with the humans around their settlements.

Leprechauns are some of the tallest little folk, around two feet tall. They wear red jackets with many buttons, and usually bear full beards and one of a variety of unusual hats. In truth, the number of buttons in each row and the number of rows varies depending on the leprechauns skill and renown, from four rows of four up to seven rows of seven. These are only a select few craftsmen of the leprechaun people who are sent out to make money for the community as a whole. The hidden communities reside under mounds of earth.

Menehune are Hawaiian little folk, about 18 inches tall, with strong, thick builds, both males and females. They don’t usually wear clothes, but their very long, straight hair keeps them warm and covers them. They are builders beyond compare, and can build walls, shrines, and other enormous structures in a single day. They create amazing stonework, intricately detailed and masterfully aligned.

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